• Things To Know Before Getting A Dog

    A Checklist Of Necessities

    There is a lot of responsibility when getting a dog. You have to be able to give them enough time, affection, and attention. Before getting them, make sure you have everything you need, and this checklist can help.

    If you don’t have enough time to dedicate to training your puppy, hiring dog training davis ca can help with that so that you are sure they won’t make a mess where they are not supposed to. One of the first things you should get is a harness and a dog collar. You are going to start walking them right away, and it is best to be prepared. Another necessity is, of course, a dog bed. This is especially if you are getting a puppy, and you plan on keeping it in your home.

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    Make sure you get one that is big enough even when the dog grows. Water and food bowls are next on the list. Choose big ones and the ones that will not slide or move while they are eating. With this, get some wet and dry food, before you see what it is they like. You can also get treats, and chewing sticks. Since we are talking about that, chewing toys, balls, and interactive toys are also important. These can even be a great ally when trying out dog training davis ca, so they are not just for playing.

    These are just some of the necessities that you need right away. However, over time, you will see what your dog responds to and you can change something up, and get whatever you think they will need.